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Addiction Insights

Harry's Addiction Recovery

Harry’s addiction recovery

Harry thought he was like every other normal teenager when he began dabbling with marijuana in his first year of high school. Little did he know that this was just the beginning of his shocking polysubstance abuse – which at final count included thirty-six drugs.

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Addiction Recovery

Ice: to hell and back

After trying ice at Schoolies, Tia's life descended into a life of crime, domestic violence, dealing and more as her addiction took over. Now six months clean, Tia shares her incredible story.

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Craig Ice Addiction Treatment

I’m seven months clean of ice

After previously undergoing treatment for his ice addiction, Craig came to the Hader Clinic QLD following a relapse. This is his honest insight into his recovery with us.

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Mick's Addiction Recovery

I’m 12 months clean!

Mick, an army veteran, and a recovering alcoholic is now a year clean and shares an insight into his ongoing recovery journey, the outpatient program and getting back to work.

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Break Addiction Stigma

Breaking stigmas of mental health and addiction

What a loser, a no hoper, a junkie, a bludger. They're a stain on society. They brought it upon themselves, why should I have sympathy for them?

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Pete Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Pete’s Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Despite losing his wife and kids, Pete continued to drink. He didn’t see a problem with it and never thought he was an alcoholic. Then one night a family intervention put Pete on a road to recovery. This is his addiction recovery story.

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Rosie Heroin Addiction

Rosie’s addiction recovery story

Rosie has been wrestling with addiction for fourteen years. Now 33, she has just completed rehab at The Hader Clinic Queensland. She shares her rollercoaster recovery story and what she learned.

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Helen During Addiction

Don’t give up on yourself, it’s never too late to recover

I was utterly broken. I was completely lost. I was slowly killing myself and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.

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Peter Alcohol Addiction

Peter’s Addiction Recovery Story

At 67 years old Peter wasn’t expecting to be heading to a drug rehab clinic for treatment of alcoholism. The story of how Peter came to hit rock bottom is one of desperation, then a springboard for getting the help he needed.

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Bonnie Alcohol Recovery

There was only darkness, now there is light

Bonnie is a recovering alcoholic and former Australian Defence Force employee who used alcohol as a means to cope with feelings of isolation, depression, hopelessness and breast cancer. This is her amazing journey.

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Simone Addiction Recovery

Simone’s addiction recovery story

Once Simone gave birth to her daughter, her fantasy bubble of perfect motherhood quickly burst and soon the pressures of parenthood, isolation and loneliness saw her turn to ice in an attempt to cope. This is her story.

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Caroline Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine destroyed my world but rehab brought it back

Caroline struggled with a cocaine addiction that blew her world apart. This is her story about how she came back from the brink, thanks to rehab.

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Fears About Recovery

Common fears about recovery and how to get past them

Being scared about entering an addiction recovery program is normal. Here are some common fears and barriers experienced by addicts and how you can get past them.

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Changing Locations For Recovery

Why changing your environment is more than just a change of scenery

It’s common for recovering addicts to move locations in a bid to make a fresh start. However, without a proper rehabilitation program and adequate support systems in place, most attempts at moving location are not successful.

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How To Help Not Enable

Addiction – how to help, not enable

Well-intentioned attempts to help a loved one struggling with addiction can actually plunge them deeper into the cycle of addiction. This is known as enabling. Here are some ways to help, not enable.

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How rehab saved my son, and our family

Dan’s life appeared normal, until it, and his family’s, collectively spun out of control as his drug and alcohol addiction took over his life.

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Why Do Addicts Lie

Why addicts lie and how to deal with it

Dealing with the lies of a loved one struggling with addiction is hard. However, it can be made a little more bearable once you gain a better understanding of why this behaviour occurs.

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Addiction Recovery Healthy Habits

How healthy habits help addiction recovery

Daily routines can help make the recovery journey smoother. Find out why and get some ideas on creating some recovery routines.

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Mindfulness And Addiction Treatment

Mindfulness and addiction recovery

Advances in research have shown the practice of mindfulness meditation as a potential therapy or complementary treatment for addiction. So where does the practice of mindfulness fit in with addiction recovery and ongoing sobriety?

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How Rehab Changed My Life

How rehab changed my life

Robyn is a support worker at the Hader Clinic Queensland, a mature aged student and a yoga teacher. She’s also a recovering alcoholic. Read how her addiction journey is shaping her new life.

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It was no way to live

"I was at the end of the road. My life had been destroyed. I had nothing left". Dan’s descent into drug hell culminated in a life devoted to crime and using, with little joy in between.

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Army Recovering Alcoholic

I’m an army veteran and a recovering alcoholic

A little over six months ago Mick's life revolved around earning money to use, rather than earning money to live. Mick is an army veteran, and a recovering alcoholic. This is his story.

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Joy Recovery

My relapse and what I’ve learned from it

Hi, I'm Joy. I'm a recovering ice addict and recently I relapsed. I'd like to share my story of how the relapse occurred and what I've learned from the experience.

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Mental Health And Addiction

The complex relationship of addiction and mental health

When it comes to addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, the chances of a co-occurring mental health disorder are alarmingly high.

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How To Help Loved One With Ice Addiction

How to help a loved one struggling with ice addiction

Here are a number of useful ways in which you can support your loved one if they are suffering from an ice addiction.

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Breaking the cycle of addiction – Lucy’s story

Only six months ago Lucy was caught in a web of alcoholic hell. She thought her out of control addiction would take her life. This is her incredible story.

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Lies Ice Addicts Tell

The top 5 lies ice addicts tell

For ice addicts lying is a survival mechanism and can become second nature very quickly. Check out the top 5 lies an ice addict tells.

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Sarah Addiction Recovery

Sex, drugs, rock and roll and addiction.

Immersed in an industry from a young age where alcohol and drug use was normalised, Sarah has kindly offered to share her journey to, and back, from alcoholism.

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Recognise Enabling Behaviour

How to recognise enabling behaviour – good intentions gone wrong

No one consciously chooses to become an enabler to their loved one’s addictions; however, many people fall into enabling behaviours without noticing.

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Addiction Recovery

Every day is a win

Joe share's his story of courage and determination as he continues recovery from his heroin and alcohol addictions.

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Women And Addiction

Women and Addiction

At the Hader Clinic, we recognise that women are affected differently by alcohol and drugs and need specialised addiction treatment for women.

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Stages of Recovery

The Stages of Addiction Recovery

When it comes to treatment of addiction, it's tempting to hope that a quick detox will solve the problem. However, for most sufferers this isn’t the case.

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Alcohol and Sacrifice

Alcohol and Sacrifice

You hear it all the time - give up alcohol and it will do you wonders. Are you going to have a dry January? Giving up Alcohol need not be a sacrifice.

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How To Choose A Rehab

New Year. New You – How To Pick The Best Rehab

Choosing a rehab can be overwhelming and working out which one is right for your loved one might seem just too difficult. To make your life a little easier, here are the top things to consider when choosing a rehab.

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Family Involvement After Rehab

Family involvement after rehabilitation

As your loved one settles back into family life following addiction treatment, it can be difficult to know the best way to help them. Here are some tips.

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Christmas Addiction

Presence not Presents – Christmas as a Recovering Addict and a Mum

I have a story I’m not very proud of. A story full of guilt and shame. Last Christmas, while high, I almost killed myself and my children.

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Signs Of Ice Addiction

Signs of Ice Addiction

A quick guide about how to learn to tell the signs of someone using ice, the signs of ice addiction and the withdrawal symptoms of ice addiction.

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How To Support Addict At Christmas

How To Support An Addict In Recovery Over Christmas

To help you make your Christmas a joyful event for all involved, here's a quick guide to navigating the holiday traps and triggers for a recovering addict.

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Living With An Addict

Living With an Addict

Susan is married to John, who was addicted to ice and amphetamines. This is her story about John's addiction and recovery.

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Paula - Addiction Help

From Addict to Recovery to Helping Addicts – Paula’s Story

Paula is one of the support staff at our Brisbane rehabilitation centre. She is also a recovering addict. This is her addiction story.

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The Shame of Addiction

Addiction – The Mother’s Shame

When you are the mother of an addict shame can stop you reaching out and getting help. But If you are willing to support your child through addiction, you have nothing to be ashamed of.

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Addiction - A Mother's Guilt

Addiction – The Mother’s Guilt

No mother ever forgets the day she gives birth to her child. No mother ever forgets the day she learns that her child is an addict, either.

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Fran Addiction Recovery

I was an addict. Now I help others.

Fran is one of the many friendly faces you will see frequently at our retreat. Fran is one of our support staff. She is also a recovering addict.

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Addicts Christmas Survival Guide

An addict’s Christmas survival guide – Tis the season to stay sober

Christmas can be tricky when you’re in recovery. To help you make it through, here are some simple yet important things to remember.

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Kate's Addiction Story

I’m a mother, wife and daughter of addicts

Kate's learned to cope with drug and alcohol addiction in her husband, son and father. Read her story, what she's learnt and her advice for others with loved ones suffering from addiction.

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Are you an enabler?

Are you an enabler?

Understanding Addiction

Joy's Addiction Story

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction – Joy’s Story

When Joy was eighteen, she experienced painful trauma when her best friend passed away. Soon after she began to experiment with drugs, starting with ecstasy and weekend party drugs, quickly progressing to cocaine, and eventually ice.

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Army Officer And Ice Addict

I Was An Army Officer. And An Ice Addict.

I was shooting up in alleyways and parks, and looking for sex, hoping it would motivate me to see how disgusting my ice addiction was. It didn’t work.

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Signs Of Addiction

Signs Of Addiction

Social drinking and drug use is common, so how do you know when you or someone you know is addicted?

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Our Son Is An Addict

Our Son Is An Addict, What Do We Do?

Carol and Wayne were being consumed by their son DJ's ice addiction. Not knowing what to do, it was an unexpected call from a solicitor that started his journey of recovery.

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Harriet Addiction Recovery Story

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction – Harriet’s Story

Addiction gave me a life of isolation, fear, darkness and despair - but recovery has given me a life of connection with others, purpose, limitless possibilities and hope.

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Ice Addiction in Women

Ice Addiction in Women

Ice use is on the rise. Due to the way drugs effect women differently to men we are seeing an increase of ice addiction in women. Unfortunately women are less likely to seek treatment for their drug and alcohol addiction issues.

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Addiction Nature Or Nature

Nature or Nature? What Causes Addiction?

Have you ever wondered why someone is an addict, whether there is an underlying genetic or environmental reason? Is addiction something you can ‘catch’ or something you’re born with? Who's fault is it? We look at the causes of addiction.

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Women With Addiction

Misconceptions About Women With Addiction

Tackling the misconceptions about women with addiction can help to smooth the way for women to start their journey to recovery.

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Mental Health and Addiction

Let’s Talk About Mental Health

For the best treatment outcomes, it is imperative to correctly assess and diagnose substance abuse problems and concurrently occurring mental illnesses.

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Mental Health Effects of Ice

Mental Health Effects of Ice

Common mental health issues associated with ice use are depression, anxiety and psychotic disorders. Learn more about the mental health effects of ice.

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30 Day Addiction Treatment

Why a 90 Day Rehab Program Is Better For Long-Term Addiction

30 days of rehab sounds great doesn't it? But for a better chance of recovery from a long-term addiction, it's proven longer treatment is better.

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Alcoholics Anonymous

Benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Combining a residential treatment program with membership of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) improves the likelihood of long-term abstinence from alcohol and drugs.

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Worried About Addiction? How To Ask R U OK?

Addiction and mental health disorders go hand in hand. So there is never a better time than today to ask them if they are ok. Here's how to ask and what to do.

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Alcohol Recovery

Two Years On, Life Couldn’t Be Better

Following many failed attempts at other rehabs TJ had lost all hope that he would never be able to stop drinking. Read his recovery story.

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Addiction and Mental Health

Are Mental Health and Addiction Connected?

People who use drugs are likely to develop mental illnesses. And people with mental illness are also prone to developing drug or alcohol addiction.

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Racism and Addiction

I’m Indigenous, Empowered And Now Drug Free

Joanne, an Indigenous Australian from the Yamatji tribe in Western Australia, is currently undertaking our residential addiction treatment program for ice addiction.

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Addiction Support

Addiction Support: the Dos and Don’ts

The addiction recovery process is a difficult time for everyone involved. You may think you know what’s best for your loved one’s recovery, but here are some tips to help give the best addiction support.

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What Is Addiction

What is Addiction

Understanding Addiction

Family Boundaries

Establishing Family Boundaries

As much as addiction takes an emotional and often financial toll on the whole family, it affects everyone in a unique way. No two people will have the same addiction experiences or identical journeys to recovery.

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Joy and Dianne

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction – A Parent’s Story

Dianne could have never imagined that the strong family values she grew up with and subsequently instilled into her only child and daughter, Joy, would have ever been challenged by the disease of addiction.

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Family Addiction Support

5 Ways to Support a Loved One with Addiction

Addiction can be all-consuming for the addict and their family. Living with a loved one in active addiction can be traumatic. Understand how you can help during the recovery process and how to get help for yourself.

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Can I Really be Addicted to Codeine? Yes!

As a corporate lawyer with a decent income and lifestyle, Anna didn’t fit the narrative of what society considers to be a drug addict. It was a wake up call learning to accept that she was a drug addict and that she needed help.

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Chris' Addiction Recovery Story

Chris’ Addiction Recovery Story

A couple months ago I was on the verge of losing everything. I was trying to decide whether to keep going or kill myself.

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DJ Addiction

DJ – My Addiction Experience

For DJ, life in addiction was chaotic and fast paced. He lived life solely for drugs and the lifestyle that went with it.

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Alex Drug Addiction

Alex’s Recovery Story

Before rehab, Alex was fighting his addiction, homeless and doing community service in Melbourne.

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Tim's Addiction Recovery

Tim’s Recovery Story

After serviing in the Australian Army, Tim's life was destroyed by his alcohol addiction and he's facing jail.

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Mark's Addiction Recovery

Mark’s Recovery Story

For more than half his life Mark has been living a lie hiding his heroin addiction from friends, family and colleagues.

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Faith's Recovery

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction – Faith’s Story

When Faith started using drugs aged thirteen, it felt like an innocent attempt to gain confidence and have more fun in life. But Faith’s drug taking descended her into a life of addiction, pain and brokenness.

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