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Addiction Treatment for Women

The Hader Clinic has a proven history of supporting women through addiction to recovery.

We know that women have particular needs when it comes to treatment and provide specialised women’s addiction treatment for women.

We understand that women are affected differently by drugs and alcohol. Our bodies process alcohol and drugs in different ways.

For example, men’s bodies usually process alcohol faster whereas women’s bodies allow more alcohol into the bloodstream. Our personalised alcohol rehabilitation for women will help you develop the tools you need to manage cravings and achieve balance between mind, body and spirit. We recognise that it can be difficult for women to ask for help with alcohol addiction, especially if it is being used to cope with trauma and anxiety.

Specialised Addiction Treatment for Women

Girls and women are more likely to experience depression, anxiety and body image disorders and may have received anti-anxiety or narcotic medication from a doctor. Without addressing the underlying causes of anxiety or body control disorders, this can lead to dependence to manage symptoms. Our individualised drug rehabilitation for women equips women with the skills to address negative thoughts and regain control of their lives.

Women are also more vulnerable to dependence. A woman using drugs or alcohol will become addicted faster than a man and may be sicker and more addicted than a man who has been using longer. This is called telescoping and our personalised women’s rehabilitation services specialise in treating this kind of addiction. We recognise that feelings of guilt and shame may prevent women from seeking treatment for dependence earlier, and this can lead to social isolation, feelings of worthlessness and self-hatred.

At the Hader Clinic, our aim is to find the right mix of treatments to support your personal recovery journey. We recognise that no two women will have the exact same life experiences and we will work with you to overcome the trauma that has led to addiction. Our particular expertise is in helping women manage feelings of shame and the fear of stigma associated with drug and alcohol dependence so you can move forward.

While our facility is mixed, women can request female counsellors and will stay in their own private rooms. Our clinic is a safe and welcoming environment for all women. Our services are LGBTIQ friendly.

Individual Addiction Treatment

Depending on individual needs, treatment may include group therapy, personal counselling, family therapy, detox, a 12-step program, meditation and exercise, addiction education, community therapy, or art therapy. When we meet with you, we’ll help you decide whether residential treatment is the right option for your recovery.

We recognise that residential treatment can be difficult for women with family responsibilities. Hader’s addiction treatment for women can involve family members in aspects of your recovery journey to help parents and children understand your experience and commitment to recovery.

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