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Our Model

The Hader Clinic treatment model is a unique, holistic addiction treatment that has been developed and continually improved since the Raymond Hader Clinic was founded in 1998. It focuses on treating the core elements of mind, body and spirit to help you and your loved ones regain a meaningful life. It teaches addicts how to continue to run their recovery after completion of the program.

The model comprises five areas of treatment; physical, emotional, social, psychological, and spiritual. It uses proven medical treatment methods such as cognitive behaviour therapy and psychological treatment, combined with our own innovative approach to addiction recovery.

Successful addiction treatment

The Hader Clinic’s addiction treatment program is the most successful in Australia. A recent clinical audit showed a 74% long term recovery success rate* of patients using the unique Hader Clinic model.



The very first phase of treatment is detox. Upon admission patients immediately see a local doctor who will prescribe any medication that may be required to help in the detox. Detox is conducted within our facilities giving your loved one around the clock monitoring, supervision and support.


We provide regular exercise programmes which include daily walks, yoga, Pilates and boot camps. A personal trainer visits the retreat three times a week. A structured exercise program promotes regular sleep patterns. We provide freshly made, healthy meals, three times a day. Healthy sleeping and eating are an essential part of physical recovery.


It is usual for your loved one to express heavy feelings of guilt, shame, trauma and remorse while underdoing recovery. We provide intensive counselling sessions, group therapy and family therapy sessions to help them come to peace with these feelings. We also put a strong focus on educating our patients about addiction so they understand the disease.


Once rehab is finished returning to a “normal” life can be challenging. We ensure that your loved one, while in treatment, is in a community they feel safe and theraputic and able to be social. We also involve the family in the recovery process to allow for broken relationships to start being repaired and to create a welcoming environment for their return. Residents also attend regular support groups (for example Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous) to support long term recovery. We encourage residents to continue with these meetings and the 12 Step program when they return home to provide an ongoing monthly support network and sponsor.


Residents have weekly one-on-one sessions with our registered psychologist or clinical social worker. This will help them to explore, and start to work through, some of the more historic, deeper reasons for their drug or alcohol use.


Being part of a community where you give back and help others creates a sense of purpose and meaning in life. It helps patients reconnect with loved ones and friends. Having a spiritual self-belief is paramount to helping people manage their addiction. Being spiritual can be different for anyone and does not infer religion.

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Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Drug & Alcohol Rehab

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Our Treatment Model

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