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Alan Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alan’s DVA Funded Addiction Treatment

Alan is 6 months sober after completing DVA funded addiction treatment for his alcohol addiction. This is his story.

I didn’t see myself as an alcoholic until I ended up in alcohol addiction treatment and started to see my life in a new perspective.

By that point I had been drinking heavily for about 20 years and I realised I was becoming a slave to it.

I ended up signing up for 90 days of DVA funded addiction treatment at Hader Clinic Queensland and now I’ve been sober for 6 months.

I grew up in a pretty big family, had a pretty good upbringing and was in music.

Times were different back then so you’d go round to a mate’s house as a teen and have a couple of beers.

But being in the music scene there was a pretty strong drinking culture that then continued into my time in the Navy.

I participated somewhat, but I generally tried to distance myself from it.

I did transport in the Navy so I had to stay sober to drive the trucks and operate the machinery.

When I left the Navy I got a job driving buses, so I didn’t drink and drive.

It wasn’t until I was let go from work due to a back injury that I started drinking heavily and my alcoholism started to take hold.

Being unemployed I couldn’t afford to go to the pub, so I drank homebrew, which unfortunately lead to isolation.

I was living out pretty remotely with my wife and kids so we didn’t even have neighbours to interact with frequently.

My weekly outing was going to get treatment for my back and doing the grocery shop.

This continued on for about 20 years, and as the heavy drinking and isolation continued I stopped feeling like myself and eventually ended up in hospital.

The mental health ward staff were the ones who referred me to Hader Clinic Queensland.

I agreed to go, and DVA moved quickly putting everything into place, so soon after I was on my way into 90 days of alcohol addiction treatment at Hader Clinic Queensland.

The first 28 days were hard, but I knew pretty quickly that I did need to complete the whole 90 days.

The rehab program gave me back structure and discipline, but the best thing was the education.

Learning about yourself and where your problems lie, which can be hard to come to terms with.

It was an emotional time for me.

When it came to the end of the 90 days, I had a choice to make.

Go home, or continue on in the Transitional Housing Program.

I’d been drinking alcohol for 47 years and I was determined to give myself the best chance for recovery post treatment.

This meant I needed more time, and with my family’s support I went into the Transitional Housing Program.

I live in the country and don’t have access to a lot of alcoholism support out there, so I need to have a strong base of recovery knowledge and practice what I could pull from when I went home.

I’ve now done 12 weeks of the Transitional Housing Program at Hader Clinic Queensland in addition to the 90 days of residential rehab and it’s been very valuable.

I’m 6 months sober, and if it wasn’t for DVA and Hader Clinic Queensland I wouldn’t be here.

I’ve started sponsoring another alcoholic which has made me stronger in my sobriety.

I’m passing on what I’ve learnt from AA to someone else, reinforcing my knowledge base.

I’ve got a few more months until I’m back home, but I’ve got a lot of people that are helping me and I’m helping others too.



Names and photographs of this client have been changed to protect their privacy.

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