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Am I Living With An Addict?

This book is not about drugs, it is about people. It is about those suffering from addiction and the struggles of the people around them. As well as describing how to identify if a loved one is in addiction, it provides clear information about the solution and how with the right treatment addicts can recover.

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About the book

Finding a solution for suffering addicts and families.

This book is a resource for family members and friends who suspect a loved one might be a drug or alcohol addict and also for individuals who think they may be suffering from addiction.

Addiction is a complex and confusing illness. It is a growing problem that impacts millions of addicts and their families and friends worldwide. If you have been trying desperately to help your loved one and nothing you have done has had a lasting impact, this book is for you.

What’s in the book

How to identify if a loved one is in addiction

What is addiction? Are they just having fun? Will they grow out of it? Why won’t they stop? Are they just crazy? Why do they lie so much? Why did this happen?

The solution to addiction

How do you get an addict help? Understand addiction and the family dynamic and learn all about interventions and agenda control.

Addiction treatment and recovery

Why a holistic treatment approach is best for addiction recovery? What's involved? How long will it take?

Can things really change?

Real-life stories of addicts and their families going through addiction and recovery.

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What people are saying

“I recommend this book to anyone who is worried about their loved one. Addiction is a disease and the more you understand what it is and what to do, the better."

“Am I living with an addict could not have been a more timely read. After years of fearing we were going to lose our daughter, we're finally understanding her illness and have started the recovery process."

“What a great read. Everything now makes perfect sense. Thank you for writing this."

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