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The Hader Clinic Queensland offers a comprehensive assessment to all prospective clients.

The purpose of the assessment is to find out more about you, your addiction and your current situation. From the information you provide we can firstly determine that our addiction treatment program would be right for you and secondly it will help us formulate your detox plan.

Immediate assessment

Assessments can be carried out immediately and are always conducted via telephone. The assessment will be conducted with our clinical team based at the retreat.

The assessment usually takes around 30 minutes to one hour. Shortly after the assessment is completed our staff will make contact to arrange admission into our program.

During the assessment we ask for information on your drug/alcohol addiction history, your mental health, your family situation, your current social situation, your health, if you have tried to quit before (either on your own or with help) and discuss what you want from your treatment.

Our client liaison officer will answer any questions you have. You will probably want to know what is involved in residential drug rehab. We have put together a list of frequently asked questions that people usually ask.

Hopefully our rehab program will be suitable for you and you decide that The Hader Clinic Queensland is the best rehab facility for you. If so, we will than arrange admission for you. In some cases The Hader Clinic Queensland might not be right for you. In this situation we will recommend to you other programs you may wish to consider.

Approved providers

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I need help for myself

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I need help for a family member

Do you have a loved one struggling with addiction? Find all the help and information you need here.

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I am a DVA card holder

Veteran? White and Gold DVA Card holders can enter our addiction treatment immediately, for no cost.

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I would like to refer a patient

GP, health worker, lawyer? Find out how to refer your patients and clients here.

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Queensland’s only private rehab centre with ACHS accreditation

We are proud to be the only private drug and alcohol addiction treatment centre in Queensland to be independantly accredited.

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