Common Roadblocks that Stop you Seeking Drug Addiction Treatment

Common Roadblocks that Stop you Seeking Addiction Treatment

It takes a lot of willpower and strength to begin the journey into drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Often, multiple roadblocks will arise that make it difficult to continue down the road to recovery. Let’s explore some of the common roadblocks and how to overcome them:

The cost of rehab

Many people will be deterred by the cost of rehab. It is an assumption that insurance does not cover rehab costs, however most private health insurance providers do provide some cover for alcohol and drug rehab services, and at the Hader Clinic Queensland, we provide an obligation-free initial consultation that is completely free of charge.

It is also important to consider that the cost of a drug addiction is much higher than the cost of a rehab program. There are fees associated with court, theft and property damages, healthcare, decreased productivity and cost of the drugs themselves that can all culminate in a very expensive addiction. There are also personal costs involved such as emotional, social and physical tolls on you and your loved ones as a result of a drug addiction.

Time commitments of rehab

The time commitment required for rehab is another roadblock that may cause setbacks. Many individuals believe rehab will take up a significant amount of time away from their work or loved ones.

When you think about the time required for rehab, it is important to remember that you need to put some time in to recover. Addictions require professional help and constant management, and cannot be resolved without putting in time to heal. Consider that you will use up more time neglecting a treatment plan, and that your overall quality of life will be improved as a result of the time sacrifice.

Career responsibilities

Job responsibilities are a big reason why individuals may reject addiction treatment. It can be the fear of missing out on work or career goals, or the fear of getting fired due to the drug addiction. You must remember that your addiction will be more damaging to your career than addiction treatment will be. Outpatient treatment options can also be considered that don’t require you to be present in a professional facility 24/7.

Fear of losing friends

Many people who are addicted to drugs often find themselves surrounded with others who contribute to their addiction. You may consider these people your friends, but you shouldn’t fear losing people who are negatively impacting your life.

You may not realise it now, but these people are enabling your addiction. Seeking treatment may require you to cut off some of these ‘friends’ and instead rely on a healthier support system. You may also be the positive example your addicted friends need to seek treatment themselves.


Denial is the hardest obstacle to overcome if you are trying to seek treatment. There are many turning points that may help you overcome denial, such as losing a job, having a conversation with a loved one, receiving an injury or being arrested. It can be helpful to learn about the science of addiction and the help resources available to you.

If you are struggling to overcome roadblocks to treatment, the Hader Clinic Queensland can offer suggestions for how to get back on track with your life and overcome these obstacles.


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