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Frequently asked questions about our addiction treatment program.

If there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hestiate to get in touch.

How much does a consult cost?

Your initial consultation with us does not cost anything and it is totally obligation free. We encourage family and friends of the patient to come along to these consultations.

How soon can I be admitted?

Being a private rehabilitation centre there is no waiting list. We are able to offer a fast and efficient admission process.

How long will I be in treatment for?

his depends on a number of personal factors which will be discussed by our clinical team following your intake assessment. Our 90 Day residential treatment program followed by our Transitional Housing Program or Outpatient Programs offers the most success of long term recovery.

Am I allowed to have visitors?

Yes, visits are allowed from your second Sunday in treatment. All visitors must be pre-approved by the clinic, and can attend only during the specified times provided.

Am I allowed to go out?

You will be required to live at our rehabilitation centre for the duration of your treatment. You are eligible for day leave after 30 days of being drug and alcohol free and weekend leave after 60 days of being drug and alcohol free.  You will only be eligible to leave with people on your approved contact list.

Will I need a detox?

Based on the outcome of your pre-admission assessment our clinical team will determine if a medical detox is required prior to admission. We are able to look after mild to moderate detox requirements within our facility. Prior to admission clients will have seen their own GP to provide us with any relevant background information and prescribe any medications that may assist in the detox process. On admission clients will see members of our clinical team for assessment and to address any immediate needs. Within the first few days of admission clients will see one of our GPs to look after their medical needs while in program. Click here for more information on detox.

What support is available once my treatment has ended?

We offer a transitional housing program that enables you to transition back into reality at a pace you are comfortable with. We also offer an outpatient program where you participate in ongoing drug screening and counselling that further helps you to stay drug and alcohol free.

How hard it it to stop drinking or taking drugs?

Addiction is an illness. Like any illness it often requires professional treatment and it is often very difficult to stop on your own. Most of our recovering addicts actually say that it was easier than they thought it would be, due to the safe and supportive environment with professionals there to help. 

Can patients leave at any time?

Yes. All rehabs in Queensland are voluntary, and it is against the law to hold people in rehab against their will. It is not uncommon for individuals to want to leave treatment in early recovery. Our team are experienced in guiding individuals to make the best decision for their recovery, and staff do their best to ensure all clients complete their agreed treatment period.

What is the difference between your rehab and other rehabs?

We know that choosing a rehab can feel like a life or death decision and it's imperative you choose the best rehab for your loved one. So please consider these facts about The Hader Clinic:

  • We have been successfully treating addiction since 1998
  • We are Queensland’s only private Alcohol and Drug rehabilitation centre to hold accreditation from the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards
  • A 2015 clinical audit showed a 74%* long term recovery success rate
  • All our staff hold the appropriate qualifications required
  • We can offer immediate admission

What does the treatment program involve?

Hader Clinic Queensland’s residential rehabilitation program offers a unique holistic treatment. It is a therapeutic community which aims at treating the psychological, emotional, spiritual, physical, and social areas for individuals to regain a meaningful and healthy life of abstinence. The residential treatment program is our most effective drug and alcohol recovery program. 74% of patients completing the full 90 program and aftercare program have remained drug or alcohol free*.

How do I get someone into rehab who doesn't want to go?

It is common for addicts to be in denial about their situation and not only refuse to go to rehab but also admit they have a problem. Our highly trained staff will provide you a plan and coach you through the process of trying to get your loved one into the care they need. This may also involve a family intervention. If you are considering a family intervention, but don’t know how to do it, or afraid of doing it wrong, download our free intervention checklist to help guide you through the process.

How much does rehab cost?

We are a private rehabilitation centre. The cost of our treatment programs vary depending on a number of factors including the length of treatment required and your personal situation. Please use our online rehab cost estimator to calculate an approximate cost.

Where is the rehab facility?

Our head office is located in Brisbane CBD. Our rehab retreat is located north of Brisbane in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland away from the hustle, and temptation, of the city. We do not disclose the address of the retreat publicly for the confidentiality and security of our patients.

Can you help find me a job after I go to rehab?

No. As part of the addiction treatment program we encourage recovering addicts to take responsibility of their own life and finding employment is part of that process. We do continue to support you with a number of aftercare programs available – these assist the individual to transition back into life in a supported way.

Am I allowed my phone in rehab?

No. While we allow access to the rehab's phones we do not allow you to bring your phone to the retreat. It is a security risk and for an addict can result in death.

Can I smoke cigarettes while in rehab?

Yes. We treat your primary addiction and do not want to remove all your coping mechanisms. Once you start to get clean you may wish to start changing your other lifestyle habits as well.

Can I come to rehab with my partner?

No. It is best for the individual to focus on their own recovery to have the best chance of long term success.

What is your success rate?

74%* of patients that complete the full treatment program have reported being totally drug or alcohol free. The full treatment program includes the 90 day residential treatment and a minimum of 12 weeks in transition housing. Patients were contacted one to three years following their treatment.

Is it just the 12 Step Program?

No. While we do incorporate the 12 Step Program into our treatment program it is just one component of our holistic treatment model that focuses on the mind, body and spirit and includes:

Is it a mixed facility?

Yes. We offer specialised addiction treatment programs for both men and women. There are separate accommodation blocks for men and women and everybody has their own private room.

Do I still have contact with my children?

Yes. Parents of children (up to the age of 17) will be able to make calls to their children three nights a week. Weekly family visits begin from the second Sunday in the program.

Can my children come with me?

No. Our program is for adults only but you will have regular contact with your children.

Am I able to see a female counsellor?

Yes. We have both female and male counsellors available and you will have the same counsellor for the duration of your stay.

Is it a safe environment?

Yes. We have strict rules designed to keep everyone safe. We also have male and female support staff onsite. We are LGBTI friendly.

Do I get my own room?

Yes. Men and women are accommodated in separate blocks with everyone having their own room.

How many people are there at the rehab?

Numbers do fluctuate but on average there are between 20 and 30 residents at any one time.

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