FAQ Archive - Hader Clinic Queensland

Do I get my own room?

Yes. Men and women are accommodated in separate blocks with everyone having their own room.

Is it a safe environment?

Yes. We have strict rules designed to keep everyone safe. We also have male and female support staff onsite. We are LGBTI friendly.

Do I still have contact with my children?

Yes. Parents of children (up to the age of 17) will be able to make calls to their children three nights a week. Weekly family visits begin from the second Sunday in the program.

Is it a mixed facility?

Yes. We offer specialised addiction treatment programs for both men and women. There are separate accommodation blocks for men and women and everybody has their own private room.

What is your success rate?

74%* of patients that complete the full treatment program have reported being totally drug or alcohol free. The full treatment program includes the 90 day residential treatment and a minimum of 12 weeks in transition housing. Patients were contacted one to three years following their treatment.

Queensland’s only private rehab centre with ACHS accreditation

We are proud to be the only private drug and alcohol addiction treatment centre in Queensland to be independantly accredited.

How much does private rehab cost?
Use our online calculator to estimate the cost of treatment.
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