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Henry’s Alcohol Addiction Recovery Story

After completing 60 days of Hader Clinic Queensland’s Residential Addiction Treatment, Henry is almost five months sober and looking to the future. This is his story.

I didn’t grow up in an environment that involved lots of drinking or taking drugs. It was around, but it wasn’t a big part of my life growing up. Then around when I was 14 I started partying and getting into alcohol and drugs. Eventually, it impacted my life to the point of needing to go to rehab, so I booked into Hader Clinic Queensland’s alcohol addiction treatment program, and now I’m almost five months sober. Even though I was taking drugs at a young age I never felt like I couldn’t stop taking them, whereas alcohol felt different.

After school I moved up north and did my apprenticeship, becoming a tradie and just working away. I was working with a lot of older blokes and was drinking a lot as it was kind of normal, part of the culture. The problem for me was that when the party finished I didn’t stop. Even before the party began I was having pre-drinks, and pre-pre-drinks, basically drinking all week in preparation for the big event on the weekend. And then continuing after the weekend had passed.

I was constantly battling with the desire to stop but with no willpower. It was always “I’ll stop tomorrow”, or “in the new year”, or “when I’m having a break from work”. In my head, I was telling myself that I would get sober, but I wasn’t. I knew I was an alcoholic, and I had tried outpatient detoxes and a wellness retreat, but there wasn’t any desire to sober up. I just wanted everyone around me to leave me alone. I thought I was fine as I was still functioning at work even though I was drinking all through the day. However, my general wellbeing was declining, and I was in a really bad place. There was a lot of unnecessary pain.

With my constant drinking came the alcohol withdrawals. That was the biggest indicator that something needed to change. My Mum also said to me that I needed to go to rehab, so I researched my options and wrote them all down. I had no desire to follow up with any of them.

Then a few months later I just called Hader up and said that I was struggling and that I needed to go to alcohol detox. I sorted some life stuff out, rang my boss and told him I was going to rehab, told my family, and then I went to complete the 28-night alcohol detox program at Hader Clinic Queensland.

I think the first week is pretty much the same for everyone, it’s a bit of a haze and you’re not sure what’s really going on. But by the second week, I was quickly realising that the 28-night program was not going to be enough. I wanted to put the work in, and I saw that there was more I needed to learn before I went back out into the real world. The world outside wasn’t going to change, I needed to change and to do that I needed all the tools I could get.

So, I booked in for a month in the rehab program, making my time in residential addiction treatment a total of 60 days. I’m grateful that I made that decision because Hader’s program gave me what I needed to stay sober for almost five months now.

The best part for me was being introduced to AA and NA, as it’s been a big part of my ongoing recovery. If I had gone to an AA meeting on my own I don’t think I would have gone back. But having it as a part of the Hader Clinic Queensland program meant that I could start to see the similarities in other people’s stories and realise that I now had a place to talk about getting sober and then staying sober.

Coming out of rehab I focused a lot on my recovery, but I did struggle at first with coming to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going to be 100% better straight away. But I remembered what I learnt in rehab, that by going back to drinking my life was going to be the same as it was, and so I put the work in that first month out.

I attended 6-7 meetings a week (mostly AA) and I did everything to the letter, with some aftercare as well. Three months later and now I can see the improvements and feel the benefits. I attend 3-4 meetings a week, and every morning I journal, do my readings and write my gratitude list.

It’s just a really good feeling after so many years of darkness to understand that so much of my bad luck and what I thought was normal was really because of my drinking. Through using the tools, I got in the Hader program and just trying to do the next right thing and stay sober, a lot of good opportunities have come to me. And it seems to be working because I am coming up to 5 months sober now and I’m feeling good.

Photographs of this client have been changed to protect their privacy.

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