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Lily’s Story of Alcohol Addiction Recovery

After completing 29 days program of Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Hader Clinic Queensland, Lily is moving forward and embracing her sober life. This is her story.

I was an awkward kid. I was bullied at school and in general just felt socially inadequate. It wasn’t until university that I found alcohol could ‘help’ me fit in socially. I started drinking socially but unfortunately, it turned into a problem and I had to seek out alcohol addiction treatment. I was 11 years sober when I fell into a cycle of addiction again and engaged in alcohol detox at Hader Clinic Queensland.

I drank socially for many years at parties and special occasions. Around the time of my first marriage breaking up, I would look after the children, but I also had my own business and was working from home. Back then I would have a beer at lunch, in the afternoon, and then in the evening.

I really got into trouble with my drinking when my second husband and I moved overseas and worked as teachers. The expat community is a very social lifestyle with lots of parties and plenty of drinking. As it was so social, I was drinking heavily to fit in, however, it started to impact me socially because I was too drunk to engage with people properly. In retrospect I feel like the alcohol really changed me as a person, there were health issues and I was just not enjoying things that I used to, like playing with my kids.

I noticed I was having issues and decided to see a doctor when I was living overseas, and then a psychiatrist. I did some alcohol addiction treatment and managed to stay sober for approximately 11 years. During my long period of sobriety, I moved back to Australia and retired, my mother died very suddenly which had a big impact on me, and I just didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I isolated myself a bit as I’m quite introverted and wasn’t feeling comfortable socialising with people at the time.

A whole lot of things just happened and eventually, I ended up drinking again. It really upset me, and I was very annoyed at myself, but once I started, I couldn’t stop. It was worse than it had ever been, I tried stopping by myself, but it just wasn’t working. Eventually, I turned to my husband and my two daughters and said I need some tough love. I found Hader Clinic Queensland and thought the 29-day detox program would fit me, as long as I put the hard work in.

So, I went to Hader Clinic Queensland, I did everything I had to do to get my sobriety back. It was the right program for me, it was the intensive rehab program that taught me self-discipline and introduced me back to my recovery. The program provided me with all the tools for me to start my new life.

The therapeutic community helped me feel not alone as we share each other’s journey of the good and bad times days. The staff helped me with their lived experience strength and hope. The lead support worker Mark was great, he gave me all the tough love and support I needed to open my eyes, he taught me about the disease of addiction and how to deal with it. Mark made me aware as long as I worked the program, it would work for me as long as I was willing to do the work.

Hader Clinic Queensland supported me to build a daily program and a solid exit plan for me to follow. The clinic also introduced me to the 12-step fellowships of AA to be part of the maintenance part of my recovery. I have taken so much from the AA program and still go to a meeting every day. Life has been really good for me and my family.

My husband has also learned so much from The Hader Family Program, where he was introduced to Al-Anon the 12-step support network for families, and he now goes to those meetings as well. We have stuck to the same morning routine that Hader Clinic Queensland gave me. I have followed my exit plan and now me and my husband are doing a daily reading in the morning and setting our intentions for the day. I take each day as it comes.

For anyone that’s thinking of going into an addiction treatment program and has tried on their own and with their family, the 29-day detox program at Hader Clinic Queensland is very giving and supportive. You never feel like you’re the one who’s doing all the work. I feel very thankful for the program.


Photographs of this client have been changed to protect their privacy.

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