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Muriel’s Alcohol Addiction Treatment Journey to Recovery

Muriel’s alcohol addiction was spiralling out of control so she completed 90 days of residential addiction treatment and is now in early recovery. This is her story.

I used alcohol as a way to cope with things until my drinking started to really impact my life and I felt that I had no control over it. I sought alcohol addiction treatment at Hader Clinic Queensland, completed 90 days of alcohol detox and rehab, have been sober since and working hard at my recovery.

I experienced a lot of childhood trauma growing up that I struggled with. I would lash out and sneak out of home, and left my family home around 15. At 16, I was a victim of domestic violence and developed a habit of drinking alcohol to cope with what life was throwing at me. This habit followed me as I struggled with my marriage, my relationships with my daughters, and my work. I didn’t drink a lot when my children were young, as I was a single mother with three kids by the time I was 24.

I started socially drinking again in my 40s when my kids were a bit older. In the last few years, this compounded into a full-blown addiction. I had been experiencing a high workload with some workplace bullying and was so burnt out that as soon as I finished work for the day I would immediately scull a glass of wine to start the process of numbing myself. And it felt like it worked until I would wake up in the morning with a bad hangover and a number of calls and messages I had no recollection of making or sending that night.

Then I turned 60 and realised that my job was killing me and I didn’t want to work anymore so we bought a caravan and decided to travel. I had gone on a cruise with a friend, and she actually told me that I was getting out of control and she was really worried about me. We went away on holidays with another friend, and she also told me how I was getting really bad as I would fall over and blackout, and that if I didn’t do something about it I wouldn’t have a marriage. At the time I thought I didn’t care and wanted to drive up to Cairns and drink myself to death.

A friend of mine actually emailed Hader Clinic Queensland because she was so concerned about me. I was very mad at her at the time, but now I’m grateful because she saved my life. At that time my drinking was out of control, I was fighting all the time with my husband and the blackouts and falling had me worried that I was going to end up killing myself.

I reached out to Hader and got myself booked into the 28-day alcohol detox program. I honestly thought that I would do the 28-day detox and be fixed. I went to Hader and 12 hours into alcohol withdrawal I was having seizures so I had to be sent to hospital. I don’t really remember the first 2 weeks but I do remember that people were looking at me strangely. One of the other clients actually told me that they were wondering what I was on because I looked so unwell.

My experience of alcohol addiction treatment at Hader Clinic Queensland was really good. I ended up doing the 90 days as I realised I needed more than 28 days. I understood pretty quickly that I needed to put the work in. The program is there to give you the tools but if you don’t put the work in you’re not going to get what you need out of it. I had a fantastic Therapeutic Community in there with me and I’m still in contact with a few of them.

The best thing about Hader was the staff. Every single one of them has been through it before, it’s not some person who has gone to university, read a book and is then relaying that to you. It’s someone who has experienced what you are experiencing and is really passionate about you succeeding. They keep you accountable and I was only ever in trouble once because I was late to class one time. I really liked the structure of the program and I enjoyed the normalcy helping with the cooking and cleaning brought back into my life while in rehab.

Since leaving Hader life has been really good. I’m going back to work in about a month, just for a few days a week, and I’m really keeping myself accountable in my recovery. I live in a country town so finding AA was difficult at first, but I’ve found some that I can do over Zoom, and there’s a town I can travel to if I would like to do it in person. I have a wonderful sponsor where we text every day and she also keeps me accountable. Every Wednesday I do the Hader meeting and I really look forward to it every week.

I’m looking forward to giving back at the Hader Clinic and sharing what I have learned with those who are just starting their recovery. I am also considering a career change and moving into support work for people with alcohol, drug, and mental health issues because I feel I can be compassionate and understanding. I’m taking my early recovery one day at a time and making my amends, but since taking the plunge into 90 days of detox and rehab at Hader Clinic, life has been really great.


Photographs of this client have been changed to protect their privacy.

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