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Sons' Addiction Recovery

Our Sons’ Paths to Addiction Recovery

Never lose hope. As a parent of two children suffering from addiction, Jordan and Jarryd, my advice is that there’s always hope.

We are a family of six navigating two addiction recovery journeys; this is our story.

We were a normal family you could say, kids played footy and netball. We have always been ‘anti-drug’ and encourage our kids to make the best life decisions.

Alcohol was a part of our lives to a small extent when the kids were growing up; social parties and going to the football club for our children’s games.

We were happy, things were okay.

It was during their teenage years where life for our two boys began to de-rail.

Jordan was shy, wanting to fit in.

An incident occurred where Jordan was king hit and ostracised from his friends.

Feelings of helplessness and loneliness began to set in.

Alcohol and marijuana was first and then it quickly snowballed into addiction to harder drugs and gambling.

If it wasn’t one addiction, it was another.

This is when the regular trips to hospital and consequent admissions started.

He had visitors during these periods, people would sneak him drugs or take him to the pub when he was granted leave.

The cycle of addiction continued.

We tried over years to get him help, pull him away from toxic relationships and find something (anything) that works; I think as a family we went to hell and back. We needed a circuit breaker.

Jarryd, our youngest, looked up to Jordan as an idol and started to gravitate in a similar direction.

He lived more of a nomadic life, often couch surfing with friends and would rarely come back home.

We knew that his addiction was growing too.

Anything we tried to say wouldn’t get through.

We lived in a war zone for quite some years.

As parents it was really hard. We would ask ourselves where we had gone wrong, what we could have done better.

We would often wonder what other people thought of us as parents and as a family; we felt judged for having two sons experiencing addiction.

People will always judge, but they shouldn’t because until they stand in our shoes, they have no idea what the true story is.

I would hate to see the amount of tears I have cried, I think I have cried oceans.

It was extremely difficult to get our boys to go to rehab.

It was like a merry go-round; Jordan would just go round in circles.

I can remember our youngest son saying to me that we wouldn’t get Jordan back, that he was too far gone.

I didn’t want to believe it.

The final attempt as a family to get Jordan to rehab was when Jordan decided it for himself.

He had hit rock bottom and said it couldn’t go on.

Sending Jordan away to Hader Clinic Queensland was the best decision we ever made.

Jordan participated in the 90-day residential rehabilitation program and when he came home, we got our son back, the kid we once had.

Now, over 12 months clean, he is beyond our wildest dreams.

For Jarryd the youngest son, accepting rehab was a different story.

We knew he needed to walk away from the poly-substance use.

We tried on numerous occasions to get him back.

Jarryd was still couch surfing at this time, sometimes he would spend a few days at home and then disappear again.

It got to the point as a parent where I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Addiction had been a part of our lives for many years now and I decided to block Jarryd’s number on my phone.

I felt I had come to the end of my road, I wanted to be there for my son, but for my own sanity I couldn’t, I needed to stay strong.

A while later, I knew he had started to get into trouble and was attempting to reach out, so I rang him and he came home.

In the end, we said to him, if Jordan can be where he’s been and come out the other side, why can’t you?

There’s always hope.

Jarryd has now started his recovery journey with Hader Clinic Queensland.

I learnt one thing from my experience as a parent while my son was completing his addiction treatment at Hader Clinic Queensland; I was an enabler.

I had to put my hand up and say yes that was me.

I thought back then that I was doing was the right thing. I have now since learnt not to blame myself and let that go.

Regardless, we as parents have always had so much faith in our sons and continue to do so.

Today’s world is not an easy one.

My advice for other families is to never lose hope.

You will try everything that you can, you try all the right avenues, you just need that one avenue that works.

After my first son completed his treatment at Hader Clinic Queensland, he said to us that “people can talk to you, tell you what it is out of a book, but that’s not it. People don’t understand or know how you as a person feel during addiction. The support staff at Hader, because of their lived experience, have lived this, they know.”

This was the biggest thing that stuck for my son and reinforced his decision to continue with recovery.

I would send my children to Hader Clinic Queensland again in a heartbeat.

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