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Rehab For Christmas

Rehab For Christmas

Christmas can be one of the best times to get addiction treatment. Here are some good reasons to consider spending Christmas in rehab.

Although the Christmas season is usually promoted as being happy and joy filled, for many people, it can be anything but. Christmas can highlight family wounds, disappointments, depression and dysfunctional relationships.

Christmas can be particularly tough on those who are suffering from addiction – the season can amplify the shame of the disease, trigger relapse or excessive use of addictive substances, especially if the addict is exposed to environments that contributed to the addiction in the first place.

Choosing to be admitted into rehab during Christmas doesn’t initially appear to make the most of the festive season, however, it can be one of the best times to tackle the disease of addiction.

It may not be the most joyous time of year for a family

A dysfunctional, unstable family environment often contributes to substance abuse. Fractured and strained family relationships may be a trigger to use excessively – and the guilt and shame that an addict may feel about not being able to control their addiction can often bubble up to the surface and create tension.

From the family point of view, other family members can be angry at the addict’s lack of drive to seek treatment, and also be angry with the addict for creating unnecessary drama due to their addiction.

For an addict, although rehab doesn’t sound exactly celebratory, it is a far better alternative than being passed out under the family Christmas tree.

An addict can get away from a trigger fuelled environment

Heading into rehab over Christmas means that an addict can successfully remove themselves from a trigger fuelled environment – the places, people and times that may propel someone deeper into addiction.

For many addicts, removing these barriers to recovery, provides welcome psychological relief from their struggles.

A quieter environment and personalised attention

Rehabilitation centres are traditionally quieter during the holiday period. However, the number of staff remains the same. This means that there is typically a higher staff to patient ratio at this time, which means an addiction sufferer will receive more individual attention and potentially get better help.

A therapeutic community to support addiction sufferers at the most stressful time of year

Christmas can often amplify the feelings of isolation and disconnection an addiction sufferer can experience.

In rehab, the addict is enveloped by the support of a therapeutic community, whose sole aim is to support a lifestyle that is free from drugs and alcohol, not to mention the associated behaviours that go with addiction.

Plus, the staff at The Hader Clinic Queensland are keen to teach clients the tools they need to maintain a life of sobriety.

Residential rehab provides a safe haven for the addict and their family

Residential rehab can provide a safe environment for an addict, particularly over the Christmas break. In rehab, there is no one to tempt them with a drink or other illicit drugs. They have uninterrupted time to focus on themselves and their recovery, free from the distractions of the outside world.

For families, admission of their addicted loved one into rehab can provide a sense of relief, knowing that they are safe and well cared for – that they don’t have to be “on guard” or worried about the trouble their loved one may potentially be in.

The most precious gift of all

Freedom from the chains of addiction is arguably the best gift of all – the freedom of sobriety is a gift that money can’t buy.

Starting treatment before the New Year can help provide the “fresh start” that many sufferers of addiction crave, but cannot achieve (without the right help).

The Hader Clinic Queensland has availability for Christmas admissions in 2020. Please call us on 1300 856 847 for a confidential chat about how we can help you or your loved one.

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