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Rose’s Journey to Drug Addiction Recovery

After 60 days of residential addiction treatment, Rose is living her best life in recovery. This is her story.

I never really thought I was an addict, even up until I went into residential drug addiction treatment at Hader Clinic Queensland. Now I know that addiction comes in many shapes and forms, it really opened my eyes to how much I needed help. I did 60 days of rehab at Hader Clinic Queensland and I’m so grateful for how great my life is now.

I started smoking pot when I was a teenager, but it wasn’t until my early 20s that I really ramped up the drug use. I used speed and started injecting it from my second use. I was deep in drug use and injecting speed for about 3 years before I got pregnant and completely gave up. I was clean about 10 years after my daughter was born. Then I started a new job and used sleeping tablets to get through the night, and Mum’s cancer pain medication to get through the day. Once Mum’s leftover pain meds dried up I started doctor shopping to get more, sometimes going six months at a time without using just because I couldn’t get some.

Because of my high-pressure job and this routine of drug use, I just got worse and worse. My relationships fell apart, my finances were struggling, and I was just in a bad place. But I felt like if I could just get to the end of my high-pressure work contract I’d be fine. So, I started looking to overseas countries to buy cheap pain medication in bulk, but this meant risking myself and my future in the process. My life had fallen apart and I just wanted to numb myself from everything. I knew I needed help.

Hader Clinic Queensland popped up on my Facebook. I hadn’t ever considered rehab or knew what it was like, but I thought here was an opportunity to get away from everything and get help. So, I called Hader Clinic Queensland, spoke to JJ and he booked me in. I realised that I had to tell my family, so I sat them down that night and told them I was going to residential drug addiction treatment, and had completed the admission process within a week.

The first 10 days were hard. I didn’t know what to expect and I think I struggled with realising that I was a drug addict. But I loved it. Hader Clinic Queensland was life-changing for me. I loved the structure of the program, and just being able to stop everything and put myself first. I even make my bed every day now! I am very grateful for my experience at Hader Clinic Queensland, and I could just live there, it was that good. Upon leaving my whole life was still very much in the air and quite messy with my failing marriage and just being unsure of what to do next. So, I listened to Hader Clinic Queensland’s advice and I took a year off to focus on myself and my recovery. I attended meetings every day and swam laps, really prioritising my recovery. It was the best decision I made.

Unfortunately, I did experience a small lapse by drinking a couple of beers in a pub one random afternoon after running into someone I knew, and then driving 45 minutes later which resulted in me blowing 0.06 and losing my licence. That really shook me up and reminded me that I still had a lot of work to do to prevent relapse and that I needed to be kind to myself and deal with my shame around my past. I even thought about ending it all, but that experience had happened for a reason.

After that happened I moved back home and ended up finding a job that I absolutely love. I now live on my own, am still prioritising my recovery, and have a beautiful little puppy to keep me company. By feeling like my luck was running out with buying pills overseas and jumping into rehab at Hader Clinic Queensland, I’ve now built a life that I love and can embrace this new chapter of being clean and sober and putting myself first.

Names and photographs of this client have been changed to protect their privacy.

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