The Top 5 Lies Ice Addicts Tell - Facts About Ice Addiction

The Top 5 Lies Ice Addicts Tell

Ice addiction has a profound effect on the sufferers’ behaviour, ranging from volatile emotional outbursts to complete social shutdown.

While no two cases of ice addiction are identical, there are common denominators which will occur in the behavioural patterns of all ice addicts; and lying is on the top of the list.

For ice addicts lying is a survival mechanism and can become second nature very quickly.

A majority of lies ice addicts tell are designed to mask their substance abuse; however, they can also serve the more sinister purpose of aiding and enabling their addiction.

Lie #1: “But I’m not high!”

Many addicts will go to ridiculous length to maintain the lie that they are not high on ice, even when confronted with tell-tale signs;

  • Bloodshot eyes?  “I’ve got really bad hay fever.”
  • Incessant sniffling?  “I’ve got this massive head cold.”
  • Compulsive scratching? “I’m having a reaction to this new washing powder.”
  • Sudden weight loss?  “I’m so stressed at uni/work, I just forget to eat.”
  • Insomnia?  “I’ve had, like, three *insert energy drink name* today, I’m buzzed.”
  • Practically crashing out mid-conversation?  “I’ve stayed up til four am doing this assignment.”

The problem with lies ice addicts tell to mask their drug use is that, while they are obviously untrue, they are very hard to argue with unless one goes out on a limb and calls the addict out – which often leads to unpleasant scenes and storming off.

Lie #2: “It’s just a social thing.”

While an ice addict might admit that they have used – most often when it is so blatantly obvious that lies become pointless – it is unlikely that they will admit to an addiction.

An addict may concede that they “had a smoke at the party” or “had a session with a mate”, but they are likely to be adamant that their ice use is by no means a regular habit.

Lie #3: “This was the last time.”

Because it is hard to consider the possibility that a loved one – be it your partner, spouse, child, friend or parent is suffering from ice addiction, this is a lie most of us are only too keen to believe.

When an ice addict is caught out using, their insistence that this was the final incident can be very convincing; in fact, addicts are often sincere in the moments when they promise that there will be no more.

Unfortunately, ice addiction is stronger than the best of intentions unless the addict gets professional help.

Lie #4: “I need some money because…”

Ice addiction is an expensive habit and can cause tremendous financial strain.

Many lies ice addicts tell are designed to procure funds to go and get more drugs.

Lost ATM cards, delayed pay checks, unexpected bills… the list of decoy expenses addicts invent in order to get loans (or straight-up handouts) from loved ones is endless.

This type of lie leaves you in the awkward position of either giving money to your loved one that you know will be spent on ice or refuse and bear the brunt of their anger, which can at times be truly terrifying.

However, no matter how horrific their reaction might be, if you suspect a loved one is addicted to ice, it is best to stick to your guns and refuse to be an enabler.

Lie #5: “That didn’t have anything to do with me being high!”

Ice addiction can have far reaching consequences, but most addicts will staunchly refuse to admit that their substance abuse is impacting their lives negatively.

Loosing employment because of inadequate performance can be put down to either a personal vendetta of management or, even more simply, budget cuts at the work place.

Being late to pick up the children from school is blamed on bad traffic.

Running the car off the road only happened because other drivers were behaving irresponsibly.

Most ice addicts will maintain the lie that whatever monumental missteps and misfortunes have occurred, they are in no way related to their substance abuse.

Stopping the lies

Putting a stop to their lies and facing the reality of their situation is, without a doubt, one of the hardest things any ice addict will ever have to do.

However, it is also the best thing they will ever do.

If you have a loved one struggling with ice addiction, the best thing you can do for them, even if they will not thank you for it at the time, is to refuse to enable their lying behaviour any further.

You may not be able to force them into being truthful; but you can choose not to engage with them when they are obviously lying to you.

If you are struggling with ice addiction, it is time to take a good luck at your situation and drop the pretences.

Admitting to yourself that you are not okay, you are hurting your loved ones, you are no longer having a good time partying and you do no longer wish to live this way is a gut-wrenching experience; but it is also the first step to healing yourself and your relationships.

The moment you allow yourself to admit that help is needed, you will find that treatment for ice addiction is available.

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