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What is Drug and Alcohol Detox

What is Detox?

Detoxing (or detoxification) is the process of your body removing any substances in your system. This is the safest way to deal with withdrawal symptoms once you cease taking drugs or alcohol.

Each experience with drug and alcohol detox will differ depending on the type of drug and how much and how often the drug was used. Medications present in detox assist former drug users by keeping them comfortable during the process of the substance leaving their bodies.

Withdrawal symptoms may take days or even months to pass for most drugs. The length it takes for withdrawals to occur depends on several factors, such as:

  • The type of drug you are addicted to
  • The duration the addiction has lasted
  • How severe your addiction is
  • The method of drug abuse (how you ingest the drug)
  • The amount of the drug you take at one time
  • Family history and your genetic makeup
  • If you have any medical conditions or mental health conditions

Detoxing at home can sometimes end in tragedy. If you try to quit your drug addiction without medical supervision, you may experience seizures or extreme dehydration. There are multiple inpatient and outpatient detox programs that aim to prevent such complications from occurring.

If you have a severe addiction, residential addiction treatment will be the most beneficial to preventing fatal withdrawals. These inpatient programs include support and monitoring 24 hours a day.

The detox program you receive will depend on your individual circumstances, however, the process generally involves these three steps:

  • Evaluation: you will be screened by the medical team for any issues that may be physical or relating to your mental health. Blood tests will be conducted to measure the number of drugs that are in your system so doctors can be aware of the level of medication you will require. Your drug, medical and psychiatric history will also be evaluated so your long-term treatment plan can be created.
  • Stabilisation: you will be stabilised with medical and psychological therapy to prevent any harm from coming to you. You may be prescribed addiction treatment medications to assist you through this process
  • Preparing for entry into treatment: you will be informed about what the process involves and what you should expect.

Despite medical detoxing limiting withdrawal symptoms, there are some symptoms that will be unavoidable, such as nervousness, insomnia, discomfort, mood swings, loss of sleep or difficulty concentrating.

Detoxing is only the first step in treating addiction and is often not enough for a successful recovery. You should also seek to treat the psychological element of addiction by attending counselling, support groups or inpatient rehab programs.

If you’re struggling with detoxing, Hader Clinic Queensland can provide thorough information so you can make well-informed decisions to help you choose the right detox program for you.


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