Why Choose The Hader Clinic For Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Why Choose The Hader Clinic Queensland

We offer a complete solution to enable people to be happy and move forward with their lives.

The Hader Clinic Queensland was created to offer people the best chance to recover from addiction. We understand addiction affects all aspects of life including, family, health, relationships and finances.

We offer a complete solution to enable people to be happy and move forward with their lives.

Every one of the clients we have successfully treated will give you their own reasons why to choose the Hader Clinic Queensland but here are a just a few reasons to trust the care of your loved one with us.

Long Term Recovery

A recent clinical audit yielded a 74%* long term recovery rate for clients completing the full treatment program.


We set ourselves the highest standard of care and service possible. We are Australia’s only ISO Accredited drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre and Queensland’s only private rehab facility with accreditation from The Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS).

Long History of Success

The Hader Clinic Queensland has been successfully treating addiction for 18 years.

Holistic Treatment Model

Our proven treatment model focuses on treating the core elements of mind, body and spirit. It teaches addicts how to continue to run their recovery after completion of the program.

Highly Qualified Staff

We have a highly qualified team of counselling staff and support workers the majority of whom are able to draw on their own personal experience of recovery to support and relate to each client’s individual needs. We continually strive to improve the service we deliver while working within our tried and trusted successful treatment model.

Immediate Admission

Sadly there is often only a small window of opportunity when an addict admits they have a problem and asks for help. Sometimes this is less than 24 hours. Being a private rehabilitation centre we are able to offer immediate admissions ensuring you don’t miss the chance to save your loved one.

Family Support

We understand addiction not only effects the addict but also their loved ones and there are often many complex problems within families. As a result our treatment program includes a family addiction program to enable everyone to get some peace of mind. It has proved to be a great help when a loved one finishes treatment and returns home. A family that recovers together is more likely to stay together.


We operate with the utmost discretion at all times. We also do not disclose the location of our rehabilitation retreat publicly to protect the confidentiality of our clients. Once in rehab, residents are only allowed contact with friends and relatives on an approved contact list.

Individual Treatment Programs

While all our treatment programs are based on our proven treatment model, we tailor programs to suit the needs and requirements of the individuals we treat.

For full details of how you can start your journey of recovery or support a loved one then do not hesitate to get in contact. We are ready to answer any questions you have regarding admissions, our addiction treatment program or our free initial consultation.

We really encourage you to come and see us to discover more about what we do and how we could help.

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Queensland’s only private rehab centre with ACHS accreditation

We are proud to be the only private drug and alcohol addiction treatment centre in Queensland to be independantly accredited.

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