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Why You Shouldn't Self-Detox

Why You Shouldn’t Self-Detox

When it comes to detoxing from drugs or alcohol, should you choose to self-detox or undergo a medically supervised detox and withdrawal program

There is only one answer; detoxing and withdrawing from drug use should only be done under a specialist medically supervised program.

Choosing to self-detox or trying to stop “cold turkey” (meaning you simply stop using drugs and/or drinking) can lead to drug and alcohol users putting themselves at serious risk of harm, both physically and mentally.

When a person has used alcohol or drugs over a sustained period of time, sudden withdrawal can send the body into shock, which can lead to life-threatening seizures and cause permanent brain damage.

Addiction is a disease

To understand why self-detox is a bad idea, you have to understand how addiction works.

Addiction is a disease that affects users mentally and physically; they become dependent of their substance of choice to function normally.

Sustained substance abuse means the user’s body becomes accustomed to a certain level of toxicity and adjusts its workings accordingly.

So, when you self-detox there are several physical risks as your body tries to cope with the sudden change.

Common withdrawal symptoms

Common symptoms experienced by users going through acute drug and alcohol withdrawal in the early stages of detox include:

  • Uncontrollable shaking
  • Vomiting
  • Severe headaches
  • Seizures
  • Hallucinations
  • Joint pain
  • Feelings of despair, depression, fear

These symptoms occur when the body attempts to regain a state known as homeostasis.

Attempting to self-detox can be gruelling on you and anyone who might share your home. In fact, the experience can be so jarring that many users are reluctant to try detox again should they relapse after unsupported withdrawal.

Why choose a detox program

  • Specialist detox facilities are prepared to deal with the dangers of withdrawal and their detoxification programs are designed to minimise the risk of permanent damage and ease the discomfort of early withdrawal.
  • They also provide abstinence-based programs that focuses on patients’ long term recovery free of alcohol and drugs.
  • The detox programs are supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a medical team.
  • The Hader Clinic’s detox and withdrawal program is covered by all leading private health care funds.
  • Access to mental health support
  • Quick admission
  • Pathways to long term addiction recovery treatment

Getting help

Remember, no one chooses to develop a substance abuse problem and everyone is worthy of help. While you may have good intentions to try self-detoxing, it is always recommended to detox safely under medical supervision.

For more information on detoxing and available detox programs please contact the Hader Clinic Queensland on 1300 856 847.


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