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Women and Addiction

There are many reasons why women develop a dependence on drugs or alcohol, so we provide specialised addiction treatment for women and addiction.

At the Hader Clinic, we recognise that women are affected differently by alcohol and drugs and need specialised women’s addiction treatment

Our women’s drug rehabilitation treatment focuses on the particular needs of women to achieve the best possible individual results. Our personalised treatment services help women address the underlying triggers for their dependence on drugs or alcohol. Hader Clinic counsellors are experts in helping women tackle the shame of addiction to live fuller lives.

Men and addiction vs women and addiction

There are physical differences between men and women that can cause women to become addicted faster while using less. A major factor for women is a process known as telescoping. When a woman starts using drugs, she will develop dependence and become unwell faster. Our specialist addiction treatment for women acknowledges that a woman may have more severe physical and psychological health concerns than a man who has used more for longer.


The Hader Clinic recognises that women are more vulnerable to trauma. They may have started using drugs to cope with physical, sexual or psychological abuse and the shame associated with being a victim of abuse. Through our addiction treatment for women, we offer a safe environment for women and provide LGBTIQ friendly services.

Often addiction begins in the teenage years as girls feel pressure to conform to social norms and try to exert control over their changing bodies. Depression, anxiety and body control behaviour such as self-harm or bulimia can lead to girls experimenting with drugs or alcohol as a coping tool.

Mental health

Because women are more likely to experience depression and anxiety, they are also more likely to receive prescriptions from doctors to treat these conditions. When medication is prescribed without addressing underlying issues such as abuse or a poor home environment, stress or other mental health concerns, women and girls may become dependent on drugs. Hormonal changes throughout a woman’s life can also affect the way her body processes alcohol and drugs.

Social expectations

Social expectations of women and perceptions of the role of women can be crippling for women with addiction. Women are often the primary carers of children or parents and this pressure can contribute to the feelings of guilt, shame and social isolation. Home responsibilities, lack of financial resources, or fear of social or legal consequences can be barriers to women seeking treatment.

Women’s Rehab Programs

The shame and stigma of alcohol or drug dependence can trap women in a cycle of addiction and negative thoughts. The Hader Clinic’s women’s rehabilitation programs provide women with the tools they need to manage addiction and move into recovery without fear of shame or stigma.

We recognise that women are vulnerable to trauma and addiction in different ways to men and offer specific women’s drug rehabilitation and women’s alcohol rehabilitation programs. Our compassionate, high quality addiction treatment for women will help you or your loved one with their recovery.

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